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In what city or town was your first job? Parking spaces are limited as it is, having limited free parking spaces has nothing to do with income inequality. To state that those who own cars are more well off than those without is ignorant and false. I challenge CB7 to show us independent studies that state their position. Enough is enough, time to consider leaving New York City.

Eddie, in the Tri-State Transportation Campaign did a survey into the income and vehicle ownership of households. I personally hate to see the city turning into a landfill a couple of days per week because there is no place for underground garbage containers because people want to park their car for free.

Just to give you an example of what you could do with that space becoming available. I think there are much better things to do with the space that those parked cars are currently consuming.

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Unless there is a study that compares income of car owners who park on the street excluding car owners who can afford garages , then these stats are simply not relevant for this conversation. Walk bike or public transit. Having any car is a luxury, free parking subsidizes car ownership. On the days where there is no parking on your street you see how much congestion we have created by allowing unfettered parking in the city. Pedestrian and cyclists will be far safer in a city with fewer cars. They make Right on red illegally and also go through Red Lights at an alarming rate.

We live near an exit ramp and see them drive in. They are a nightmare. You do realize not every UWS nor even Manhattan resident works in that borough. These days…. In typical fashion, the Baby Boomers want what they want and everyone else is going to have to deal with it. What about UWS residents who have been here for ages? Residents should get a permit at an extremely low fee as they are already taxed by NYC.

For the people who live outside the city and want to visit, take mass transit or use a car but park in a garage. I ran for CB7 at one point but have since given up trying again for many reasons but one example would be this notion of banning all parking? As someone else here posted, a consideration of moving out of this city is starting to occur more and more. Those residents that have been around for a long time with a car they should be grateful that they have been able to park for free on the streets for such a long time and use that public space for their private pleasure.


I think we should also rotate living arrangements. Wealthy people in townhouses should allow people from condos live there for a month. People from condos — allow coop folks. Coop folks allow rent-controlled tenants. Rent-controlled tenants allow homeless people. And those rich folks from townhouses — they can sleep in the card boxes that they can place in those car spots that are now going to be free of cars….

I park on the street and live on the UWS. The notion that disallowing parking would get people on to public transport is a poor argument until public transport actually works much, much better. This Pronouncement provided me with a faint remembrance of our youthful democracy. Thank you for that. LMAO the very next story on this site is how over crowded and dangerous the 79th street subway station is getting.

They take the bus, subway, walk…. The people that are complaining about this are not going to get much sympathy around here. There continues to be no accountability for this City to keep taking and taking with no give back. Precious resource? Tax car owners to park their beat up cars? Parking is not a right, free or otherwise. The more we can encourage fewer, idle vehicles taking up precious space, the better.

I suspect most who own cars are neither the very wealthy with drivers or doormen who whistle down cabs nor, and more obviously, the poor. So the middle group who need cars for one reason or the other and those who believe there is no such category, they are practicing an obnoxious sort of reverse snobbery will be at the mercy of parking garage gouging? Or perhaps another regulation to monitor pricing for residents? And that is saying something considering state of NYC politics over past six or so years…..

Just where does the CB and or those backing this dog of a resolution think all those who work on UWS but cannot remotely afford to live thus must commute in are going to park. That and or people to come to the area for shopping or other purposes. The UWS will turn into an even greater place full of empty commercial space than it is already. I think this makes a lot of sense. Many people who park on the UWS from out of the city are the people working here, such as our bank tellers, grocery store workers, porters, etc.

And I love the comment about the rich getting huge tax abatements on their luxury apartments. Fix the obvious tax giveaways and put more buses back on the street so people will be able to use public transportation! Excuse me, but there no longer is a NYC non-resident tax that is withheld from salaries of employees that work in the five boroughs but live outside of the city. Dumb move. What are they talking about? If the city continues to persecute more affluent New Yorkers, who have the means to leave the city, NY will become a city of homeless shelters and low income people who cannot contribute enough tax revenue to keep the city going.

Just keep making things worse, CB7. Cars are here to stay. Get over yourselves. But how can you have one city neighborhood doing one thing, but not the entire borough or city? Makes no sense. This is another example of putting the nail in the coffin of middle class New Yorkers. An elderly friend bought me a used car to travel to CT to visit. I accept at times I have to wait an hour to get street parking.

My car is not the problem of congestion. I can look out my window any give time and see 2 of the 3 lanes blocked by delivery trucks. How about overnight deliveries? I use it frequently to bring friends shopping or other reasons out of the city. Those that say paying taxes is paying for free parking,how about this? So, from here forward, I propose, my taxes, that should go to the schools, now will get me a parking permit. Who is being penalized here?

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People who are having a tough enough time already. Sometimes public transportation does not get you to work or even a bit of respite out of the city. Check your privileges! What about all the people who drive in to their jobs on the UWS ever day? If my building is any indication, doormen and staff commute from outside the city and need a car to get to their shifts at all hours.

Not to mention small business owners like dry cleaners. Nor are they rich. Have your building pay for their parking costs in a garage, you all want to live in a place with luxury of a doorman. You seem to be an expert on this situation due to your many posts in this article. Please tell us all about your qualifications and your living situation so we can be more knowledgeable. Why should doormen and building staff get special treatment? Everyone who drives has a reason for doing it. The super in my building used to sit in his car every day—along with stay at home moms and a bunch of other people—just waiting for the street cleaner to go by.

They would then jockey back into the spot and lo and behold the spots were all filled up again.

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Nice if you have the time to secure your spot. I have a very modest compact SUV which I use primarily to drive my child to his sport practices outside of the city. I park on the street since I cannot afford to pay for a parking garage. My son cannot do his sport if I cannot drive him, and I could not afford a car if I have to pay high parking prices. That being said, I am all for paid residential parking permits. But I do not believe we should have metered parking spaces for side streets. A car is hardly a luxury especially if one parks on the street.

How has it become OK to literally shame people who have cars or jobs or a bank account. If you live in Manhattan and own a car, you are wealthy. As such, you do not deserve free parking. Tell you what, though. Simply stated, you are a fool that has NO clue or respect for others. How dare you call someone you have zero knowledge about a liar. If you live in Manhattan. And you own a car. You have lots of money.

So you do not deserve free parking. There is no reason to live in Manhattan and own a car with the subway, buses, uber, etc. Who knew? I make 50 grand a year. Does that make me rich? I own a car. I have to park on the street. I pay rent, light, cable, cell, phone, groceries. My super has a car that he parks on our street.

Nor are most people who park on the street. The wealthy people park their cars in garages. Indeed,I would challenge the assumption that those who may own a car, ipso facto, have great means. Apparently you must assume that no one living in the still remaining Mitchell Lama buildings nor in the various New York City Housing Authority buildings scattered around the neighborhood own a car!

Moreover you also seem to believe that the only reason one owns a car is enable one to drive around the City rather than utilize public transportation. Also, apparently it has not dawned on you that one may own a car in order to facility leaving the City, rather than to use within the City. Not everyone works in an area easily accessible to public transportation. On the one hand one may bemoan that high cost of living in the City — making living here certainly this area more and more only for those with six and seven figure incomes, but then propose to drive out no pun intended those of lesser means by imposing additional costs to live here.

If one is concerned about out of neighborhood folks vying for parking, one can do as the City of Philadelphia does and issue resident parking stickers. They are, by the way, free! We have a car so that my husband can go to work in NJ and so that we can access the outdoors.

I will be taking zipcar or Uber. What gives people the right to walk without paying. We have to stop free loading. Why should people without kids pay for public schools. Charge tuition. But one could make an argument that everything that is not used by all that is public should have fees. It would not make sense to pay for a parking permit. AND where does CB7 get off deciding this for the neighborhoods? AND I just read that parking rates are going up substantially. More reasons not to live on the UWS!

That would indicate some representative government at work. This is self-serving and self-dealing. Just attend one of their meetings and see for yourself that they discuss their own streets and how to make things more beneficial for themselves. Many parking garages were torn down to make way for luxury buildings that now do not have parking garage in their building, plus the street parking outside the building has now been prohibited.

Then everyone will feel better about the fact that some people are smarter, luckier, harder working, have well connected friends and relatives, went to prestigious schools, are more selfish, and are able to afford things that others cannot afford, and we will level all of that at least until inequality builds up again. Ah forget that, just tell everyone who thinks it is better to live in this country rather than other countries where they now live that they can come here without any requirements or anything else.

Or how about giving cars to everyone who cannot afford one so that they can try to find a place to park just like the wealthier residents do? How about it? Income inequity? Resident parking permit, possibly, since New Yonkers pay a boat load of taxes to live here! Did any of you geniuses calculated how much income NYC generates from parking tickets.? Apparently not. Last year NYC brought in Million dollars in parking fines. Should we pay higher taxes to close the gap?

Move to Florida! There must be a Private Parking Garage owner on the board. They are a self-dealing and self-serving committee. You mean paving? Street cleaning? That argument makes no sense.

Residential Permit Parking Coming To NYC?

Funny how all the people who do not have cars are quick to accept a ride when they need to go somewhere out of the city or in a hard to get to area or need to pickup large or heavy things. Being judgemental, especially without the facts, does not solve any of our car issues in NYC. This is an outrage. Why do I park my car on the street? Want to push out the middle class from Manhattan…? Their rent stabilized apartments will disappear as well. Great, now their former reasonably priced apartments can become market value apartments.

There was one elderly woman in my old neighborhood who had to be assisted to her car, because she was frail and elderly — then off she drove! Older people cause more accidents and deaths then younger drivers. This is mainly due to increased risk of injury and medical complications, rather than an increased tendency to get into crashes. And by the year , 70 million Americans in the U. Twenty-eight percent of these deaths were occupants of other vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. By comparison, in the same year 40 percent of deaths in crashes involving at least one driver younger than age 21 were attributed to the younger drivers themselves and 23 percent were their passengers.

Thirty-six percent were occupants of other vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. Howard Yaruss who is a member of the board of cycling lobby Transportation Alternatives? No conflic of interest? Seems odd that this was first reported on Streetsblog. There are plenty of non-rich people with cars, who park on the street.

Workers who are commuting in often car pool to jobs as building janitors, nursing home aides. The biggest issue with UWS congestion and traffic is not with the privately owned curbside parked cars, but rather with the double parked UPS and US Mail trucks at every other block. This impact both public transportation buses as well as Taxis. Driving, parking and smoking in public or a crowded elevator is what is known as a negative consumption externality. Free to park and free to pollute create enormous external costs that should be internalized by the user.

Unfortunately, there is not much economic thinking about parking. Making decisions made on scientific and economic facts…. Please keep at it and perhaps we will achieve perfection. Garbage trucks have to stop at least 6 feet from the curb and sanitation workers have to heft 40 lb leaking bags of garbage over car hoods. Delivery trucks and tradesmen have no safe legal place to park. Wake up folks! No, need to issue to the resident, not the car. I am an UWS resident, who occassionally rents a car, that sometimes needs to be parked. Resident car renters should not be subordinate to resident car owners.

Car ownership is not a privileged class. I think the vast majority of car renters are renting the cars to get out of town, not to come back into the neighborhood and park it. Permits should only be issued to vehicles. If you issue them to anybody with a license, I can guarantee that a black market for permits would spring up immediately. One idea that might work would be requiring your vehicle to have a permit to park overnight, like midnight to 7am.

That would at least preserve most street parking for neighborhood residents. Lots of cities and towns do this. Overnight is precisely when one needs to park a rented car! Because one has not yet left for the trip, or one returns home at night and is not returning the car immediately. I reiterate, I am a resident who is trying to park a car. It should not matter that I do not have the car full time. Nor should car renters be subordinate to car owners. Resident car renters should be able to qualify as residents. Because they are residents! If there are to be resident permits, then car renters and car owners should both be eligible.

Otherwise, make all spots metered, regardless of residency. Pay for it. At least accommodate neighborhoods and their residents. Free parking never made sense to me. When you consider what we pay for housing in NYC, no scrap of real estate should be free. National parks and state parks DO have entry fees. Not that we are advocating that for NYC…. I work in mid town and it takes me 45 to 60 mins to get home on the subway. Take a cab or Uber? So through more money at MTA to improve. It only has value to car owners.

Not to poorer residents. The whole resolution is poorly thought out and just another Example of erosion of freedom by elites. If you are capable, you can walk home faster than taking mass transit…. What good would residential permits do if there is an over-supply of permits and not enough space for them? There should be a quota-based lottery system for residents and everyone else can pay for a meter or a garage. Any cars bearing any other plate than NY should be towed away, unless they park inside the parking garage.

We have more than enough nonsense to deal with at the local, state and national level without some minor group coming out with a nut job proposal from left field to screw us in our own neighborhood. Sounds like what happened in Seattle when the city council came out with their dumb idea to tax tech employers based on the number of people they hired, and then were forced to retreat and cancel their stupid plan by the populace who had so much more sense than they had.

If anyone walks down 83rd Street between Amsterdam and Columbus you will notice on any given time between car rentals on the street. They never move for street cleaning because when they get a ticket they pay a small percentage of it. Get these freaking rental cars off the street!!!!! The other thing is the Citi Bike stations. Central and Riverside sidewalks are huge. Why not mount them on the sidewalks and give people back their parking. Just my input. How about protected, enforced bus lanes instead of parking! Then we can all get around with no problems or traffic delays, especiallythe majority of us non-car iebers.

Residential parking permits might be a solution to this feared problem. But truly, congestion fees are an outgrowth of the lack of Limits on hired cars on streets of manhattan. We, the residents, are being punished. New Yorkers know to minimize driving; just find a legal spot and take public transit is what we do. Only tourists want to drive. As it is thousands of previously legal spots were removed by bike racks and for safety reasons. Many non-rich people own cars. The really rich ones park in garages that are often full and charge huge amounts.

I have no problem with the use of residential permits to ensure that local car owners have space to park their cars. A number of cities have had such a system successfully for decades, including Boston, Chicago and Cambridge, Mass. Its needs to be remembered that car owners pay for the use of city streets though their city and state income taxes. They also pay state gas taxes and registration fees for their cars so are entitled to use curbside parking spaces.

Also, many car owners use their vehicles to reach their jobs in areas and at hours of the day not well-served by public transportation. No free parking! Instead of free parking, why not use that space for something worthwhile, like more trees, which we desperately need. We need oxygen, not pollution! And who needs the honking horns when they are trapped in their spots?

Cars should be banned from NYC. We need trees, not cars. Best and most equitable solutions: a paid neighborhood parking permits b no new building construction without off comparably sized garages. Zero would be ideal 4 eliminate all Zip Car street parking. How was it that a public asset eg parking spots were moved into private sector??? Resident parking permits are the way to go. Parking permits should be based on seniority, i. Guess some of you people are pissed the free ride is over? All for residential parking permits.

If you have to own a car it means you drive to work. If you can afford to live on the upper west side you probably can afford a nice parking garage where your car is protected from bird shit and break ins and scratches. Important to note that the number of actual parking garages though not affordable on the UWS are rapdily disappearing to make room for new construction — like the one up on th St. I use my car for commuting to work upstate and NOT wealthy. What are these idiots thinking…. Hey, CB7, read some history! Think about it,…Comrades! The issue has nothing to do with whether car owners are wealthier or poorer; it has to do with unilaterally appropriating public space for private use.

The question is one of physical possibility, not personal preference. This is why we can no longer have nice things in our neighborhood. Self interest and resentment fight against community. If street parking is eliminated in front of my house. Will the City take over the maintenance, and repairs to the sidewalk and curb, including snow removal? Linda West 83rd St. I guess we now have to explain ourselves for owning a vehicle. I live here on the West Side and have done so for the past 30 years.

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Need my car for my work in NYC. Use my Apt as my home-supply center, l would be terribly hurt time wise and financially if l could not park near my Apt. You are mad I am disabled and the only way I can get around is to have a car and there is no more parking places for disability on the upper Westside and you say wealthy people own cars your all disoriented. Wealthy people pay for chauffeurs and garages. A car is my life it gives me freedom and relaxes me from thinking how can I do what I do without a car with my disability.

Any disabled people should absolutely have free parking. The fact that you are not using Access-A-Ride saves the city an enormous amount of money and the least the city could do for you would be to give you a free parking permit. Cars burning fossil fuels are destroying the planet. Defending the privilege of driving is defending;. Collectively, cars and trucks account for nearly one-fifth of all US emissions, emitting around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases for every gallon of gas.

But by all means keep driving your car. The point of congestion pricing is alleviation of congestion. Because time is money and congestion costs billions. This is not true. Car owners are not economically privelidged by any means. We are hard working people who need our cars for work , family vacations etc, the committee has been biased against auto owners for some time now ,.

Bike lanes, street configurations have caused the. One thing that really discourages the use of mass transit is the horrible state of disrepair that the city and state have allowed the system to fall into. Corruption in Albany and incompetence in city hall are a much deeper thorn in the side of the city than who parks on the street. I am a disabled senior. I am constantly having to avoid bikers as they fly thru red lights while I am carefully crossing the street with the light. Do not give bikers any more bike lanes until they are reined in by tickets.

They have taken over the streets like a lawless gang. More Nike users are endangering our lives. Secondly where will service people park? Getting anyone to come to fix or install something will be impossibly expensive. And lastly, if you want us to use public transportation improve it. When I was working it took me 25 minutes by car and 2 hours and 20 minutes by subway bus and taxi to get to work.

Our New York Parking Locations

This will cost the city money, quality of life and destroy neighborhoods. To paraphrase Fagin from the play Oliver, I think you better think it out again! Why do ZERO public servants look out for resident citizens? Residents should have been asssured of free parking, particularly in the face of The odious Congestion Parking, while out of town visitors should have to garage and pay.

Parking spots are already taken up with out of townera and construction vehicles. If someone wants to street park in New York, let them register it in New York State and only those plates houls be allowed to park free on our streets. How is it that our supposed public servants never represent us? An outrage.

NYC Monthly Parking

This is great. Its not like the city is banning parking for residents. It is actually protecting residents. I guess its okay to tax others but an outrage when it hits your wallet. Well said.