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At Lycamobile, we offer an affordable way to stay in touch with friends and family. Our bundles are valid for 30 days, after which you have the freedom to choose any other bundle depending on your needs or renew the same one. This bundle is perfect for connecting with friends and family within Ireland. If you believe in hitting that call button more than opening your WhatsApp to chat with family and friends then this plan is for you.

The plan also features 3GB data to help you browse the internet, search nearby places and much more!

Why choose Lycamobile?

Top up online or buy a free prepaid SIM card today. The best part? Click Here.

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Pakistan Plus : Need a budget plan to call your loved ones in Pakistan? You get international minutes to call numbers in Pakistan or you can use them to make national calls mobile or landline , along with 1GB data allowance to access the internet and more. Lycaworld : Do you have friends and family who use Lycamobile?

South Africa!

Good news! Instead of going for all-inclusive bundles, you can now opt for the Lycaworld plan and enjoy minutes to call Lycamobile numbers in 20 selected countries! There are two ways of using Lycamobile: either on a traditional Pay As You Go basis or buy buying a day bundle. For this reason, you should top-up at the start of each calendar month if you want to maximise the benefit you can receive from the offer.

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The following table shows the per-minute cost of calling abroad to selected countries when using a Lycamobile SIM card:. Last updated on 8th January Source: lycamobile. You can see a list of international calling rates for each country in our full guide and comparison of international rates.

Why choose Lycamobile?

In general, Lebara Mobile , the main competitor of Lycamobile in the UK, tends to have slightly cheaper rates overall. Lycamobile VS Lebara Mobile rate comparison for countries. Calculated from the per-minute rates for international calling to a mobile phone.

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Comparison was carried out on the 8th January Amongst the 94 destinations where Lebara Mobile was cheaper e. Occasionally, special opt-in offers are available on both Lebara Mobile and Lycamobile for even cheaper rates compared to what is listed in the table above.

At present, you can buy the following UK Plan bundles on Lycamobile:. For customers who mainly call abroad and who are not concerned by UK allowances, Lycamobile also offers a number of international bundles and single county plans e. You can buy a day bundle from your Lycamobile credit by texting the relevant shortcode as follows:. You can also buy a bundle online through the Lycamobile website. The discount is not available to existing Lycamobile customers.

More information about how to do this can be found on the Lycamobile website. The following table shows a side-by-side comparison of per-minute rates for international calling on a number of Pay As You Go networks. Some of the rates will require you to opt-in for international calling offers e.

Cost of calling abroad from a UK mobile network per minute.

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As the headline figure, we've shown the per-minute cost of calling a mobile phone number. Where a lower price applies for calling landline numbers, this is shown separately in brackets.

Source: ee. For more information and for a full comparison that includes many other countries, please see our in-depth guide to international calling rates. This compares fairly favourable to what is available on other mobile networks, but a larger allowance of international minutes can be found on other networks. Once again, this compares fairly favourably to other networks. For a larger allowance of international minutes, Lebara Mobile offers up to international minutes with their All In One bundles.

For more information, please see our full comparison of Pay As You Go bundles. In addition, to keep your SIM card active, you should make a chargeable event or top-up at least once every days.

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Chargeable events typically include making an outgoing phone call, sending a text message or accessing the mobile internet. For more information, please see our in-depth guide on Pay As You Go inactivity and credit expiry. Lycamobile is a SIM-only mobile network. You can either unlock an existing smartphone e.