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From designing All-In-One outfits that were straight up inferior to individual armor piece sets yet priced the same to their increasingly common practice of shoving exclusive items into their absolutely atrocious Black Lion lock boxes. I made 20 or so characters way back when.

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I seem to mostly enjoy creating characters in MMOs more than actually playing them. But from my point of view the entire template thing seems pretty awful. Oh, you have twenty characters? We could have made them account unlocks but… here you go. Pay us. Oh shit, I was really looking forward to this…and then totally forgot it was coming!

Become a Patron Tips Podcast Classic. Massively Overpowered. Play Guild Wars 2. Source: Patch notes. Please Login to comment. Connect with:. Subscribe to:. You must be logged in to vote 0 You must be logged in to vote. Annoyed badger. I see that attitude is not an anomaly but rather company policy. You must be logged in to vote 1 You must be logged in to vote.

Bruno Brito. Using the templates seems to disconnect you sometimes and Gem Store has an error. Barnoc N'Draak. Please, stop it with the self-inflicted wounds! There are some going as far as selling those freebies and free accounts on ebay, so yeh. A cheap gift for friends and buddies to try out the game :p. What you read on reddit was probably a goldseller complaining. Anyone can say anything on the internet these days.

Really frustrating.

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Had a quick glance on their site and still unsure of what the point is. I like free stuff but not gonna bother if it posts some hidden advertisement crap for a product I dont even know in my name on facebook…. Thanks for sharing this! I saw that bit on the KFT blog but no statement from Anet yet.

Dang it! I guess they paused it. I only have the one where you have to post a pic with the tea at their location.

My apologies if I have misunderstood it, but is this implying that a free account can be upgraded to Heroic? No, they have updated their terms and conditions and now its only for US citizens both deluxe and the shirt. Waiting since yesterday morning to recive the codes. Hopfully they do as they sad , with that waiting three days.

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Still paused for me. Waiting since yesterday morning to recive the code. Hopfully they do as they sad, and i have to wait only one more day. Great they updated their terms and conditions and now all the promo items are only for US citizens…. Only they had no legal right to update their terms after people gave them their social media data. Well The problem is it might be Anet fault as the side that supplies the codes, i just fkin hope they will reverse that after all the rage on forum.

I too am experiencing the connect social accounts issue. I hope that they extend this offer into October — if they do not clear it up by Friday. Are you fucking kidding me? My account has just connected and I see it is only for US. This app is the worst thing I have ever seen and heard. Apparently you now have to buy a drink to get the codes.

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In the Netherlands a bloodbank Sanquin took matters in their own hands. If you give blood for the first time or refer a friend to give blood you get the bloodmoon Thresh for free. I know its not world wide and Riot Games had nothing to do with it. This promotion has now resumed. Got my codes and everything is working.

Well my post got deleted cause it seems like posting links to vpn sites and sites where to get the emulator is not allowed or something lol. The short answer is no, you wont get banned as people boast about it on official forums. Just google for BlueStacks, its an emulator of phones. Make sure you are running the vpn when you link your fake instagram, voila you get your codes. If you are using an actual phone, there are aps that can fake your location. Mr Wuhoo. Narottam Zakheim. D: that would seriously suck!!!

Something new I think. Hadi The Edgemaster. Ares Zax. Suan and Dulfy are talking about the outfit though, not the Heroic edition contents. And it might not even be available on my continent D: Europe. GemShop user. The same guy. Vadim Karpov. The One Copper Bard. How many is too many. Damn, does that mean f2p players can get heroic upgrade for free?!? Time to load up. Chinese Taiwan? Kate O-o. Marios Morgum Nikolopoulos. You have to link up on or after September 1st.

You probably linked up too early. So anybody got some reward?

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Alex Manukhin. I was lucky to redeem both codes before closing the app. After redeeming promo you get inapp message with codes to redeem in gamewebsite. Make sure to printscreen the codes they will delete it if you leave the inbox or app. Milton Colmenares. This app is a fucking disaster I just want to punch something.

Yeah for me too please i contacted the support but i get only a standard auto mail. Carl Charest. A few people, living in the right states, near the right.

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Cities, even. Why only US?! They are having problems with the GW2 promotion, ill try tomorrow. Mikey Moo. Something went wrong. Where is the social reward section?